How frequently can I request a withdrawal?

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The number of payouts allowed in a specific time period depends on the payment method you’re using.  You will find the limits for each payment below: Bitcoin and other cryptos: One payout per day up to 5 per week. E-Wallets: One per week. Paper Check: One for free every 30 days. All other checks requested within that 30-day period will cost $65. MoneyGram / Ria: One per week.

How long do I have to wait after my deposit before I can withdraw?

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You need to wait at least 72 hours before requesting a payout. Our Security Department reviews all payouts and your account also needs to be certified before cashing out. In addition, your account must generate a minimum rake before the system will allow you to cash out. This applies to player-to-player transfers as well.

Can I make a withdrawal if I haven’t deposited yet?

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Yes, you can request a withdrawal of your winnings even if you haven't deposited yet. To see the withdrawal methods available to you, please follow these steps: Go to the poker client Click on “My Account” Click on “Withdraw” If you still have questions after that, or need any assistance, please email  and they will quickly get back to you.

How do I check the status of a Bitcoin deposit or withdrawal?

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Below are the steps to check on the status of a Bitcoin deposit or withdrawal. First, here is an example of a failed or non-completed Bitcoin deposit: You will have already been given the Bitcoin address when you made the deposit at Americas Cardroom. This is where you are sending the funds to. Go here. Click on the magnifying glass and paste the Bitcoin address. Click the BTC Address, not BCH Bitcoin Cash As you can see, there are zero transactions for the address you inputted. This means one of two things. 1. You requested the address from Americas Cardroom by hitting deposit but never sent the funds. 2. There could be something wrong with the process, like you used the wrong address. Please check with your wallet if this is the case Now, here’s an example of a successful Bitcoin deposit: Again, go to here. Click on the magnifying glass and paste the Bitcoin address. Click the BTC Address, not BCH Bitcoin Cash You can see there was one transaction and the address it was sent to. Scroll down to Transactions. You will see that this transaction has one confirmation. This means one miner from the blockchain has confirmed this transaction to be real. Note you will need up to seven confirmations before the money is in your poker account. The process usually takes 15 to 50 minutes. Note if you see there are seven confirmation and the money is not in your account, contact Customer Service. If you want to double check the amount you sent, click here on the Bitcoin amount and it will show it in dollars. Finally, for a Bitcoin withdrawal, you will have received the address from your wallet. Go here. Click on the magnifying glass and paste the Bitcoin address. Click the BTC Address, not BCH Bitcoin Cash. You will see the number of transactions and confirmations. Note the average time is under one hour for the Bitcoin to be sent to your wallet.

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