How do I allow (or not allow) the Run it Twice feature?

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If you want to enable the Run it Twice feature at all tables when it’s available, simply follow these steps: Go to the poker client Click “Settings” Click “Run it Twice” Check the box “Always Run it Twice” Alternatively, if you want Run it Twice to always be disabled, check the box “Never Run it Twice”. If neither box is checked, the option to Run it Twice will pop up at an individual table when applicable. Click “Yes” if you want to or “No” (or wait 5 seconds) if you don’t.  More info on Run it Twice here.

Can I create my own Avatar? 

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Right now, you’re welcome to choose from the large variety of avatars available. And starting in 2021, we will be running several promotions where the winner will receive their very own avatar.  In addition, all Venom winners will be able to get their own Avatar as well.

How do I export my hand histories?

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It’s easy to export your hand histories. From the lobby, hit Game Info at the very top Then click View Hand History. You’ll then see a popup with your hand histories. From here, use the drop-down to choose from all your hand histories, or the ones from the last week or month. You can also view hand histories for cash games and for tournaments too. If you want to see your hands only, click the box to filter out all the others. To save your hand histories, click the Settings button at the bottom of the window. Then, choose where you want to save it on your device. Remember, your hand histories save for the last 30 days. But if you need to review fewer days, feel free to select it. To replay hands, just click the Replay Hand button.

What are tournament bucks?

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Tournament bucks are equivalent to cash in value and are generally given out as part of a promotion or as compensation if a tournament you have a ticket for gets cancelled.   Please note that tournament bucks can only be used to play in select tournaments. While they have the same value as regular dollars, they cannot be withdrawn or used in cash games or other tournaments.

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