When do I get paid my Sit & Crush winnings?

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The Sit & Crush leaderboard runs weekly from Saturday at 12:00am ET to Friday at 11:59pm ET. You can expect your cash prize to be awarded on early Saturday morning. Ticket winners are awarded during the week, usually on Wednesday. To view your standing on the leaderboard, click on the link in the poker client. It's located beneath the current Sit & Crush jackpot counter at the top right corner. The leaderboard will pop up in a new browser window. You can search for yourself by nickname or browse all the winners. Don't forget to click the previous results link to see past standings. If you do not receive your cash by midday ET on Saturday, then contact customer service at support@winningpokernetwork.com and they'll gladly look into this matter.

How many positions receive a ticket for the Sit & Crush?

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The current weekly seats paid via Sit & Crush is just over 100. Just play Sit & Go’s, Jackpot Poker Games or On Demand tourneys and you’ll automatically earn points for the leaderboard with no extra cost to participate. As the prize pool grows, we hand out more cash and an increased number of tourney seats. For every $1 in the Sit & Crush prize pool, 75 cents is paid out in cash and 25 cents in tourney seats. Remember, Sit & Crush runs weekly from Saturday at 12am ET to Friday at 11:59pm ET.

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