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What is Auto Top-Up and how do I enable it?

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With Auto Top-Up, your chips will be automatically replenished to your default, pre-set stack size when you lose in a cash game. This is if you have cash in your account. To enable Auto Top-Up: Click the Table Options icon in the top right corner of a cash game table. Look for Playing Tools: Buy-in and Top-Up. Check Top-up: Main Amount and make your selections. Click Apply to save the changes.

What is spin to get in?

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Spin To Get In is part satellite and part slot machine. More importantly, it lets you win an entry into big tournaments and Sit & Go's for as little as a cent. Want to try your luck? Just choose your wager amount (1¢, 25¢, or $1) and spin the slot. If you land three of a kind, you'll win your seat. For more info, including the odds of winning, check out our features page here.  

How does Jackpot Poker work?

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Jackpot Poker is a type of Sit & Go where the prize pool is determined after all three players are seated. The prize pool is completely random and could be as high as $1 million depending on the buy-in. To participate, choose your buy-in amount and select the number of simultaneous tourneys you want to play. Then sit back, wait for all three players to take a seat, and discover the final prize pool. You can find Jackpot Poker in Hold’em and Omaha formats.

How do I create a private tournament?

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To request your own private tournament, email us at friends@americascardroom.eu. Please make your request at least 24 hours in advance so our tournament team has time to set it up. All private tournaments will be listed in the lobby under TOURNEY - PRIVATE. Please submit your request with the following 4 fields: Name of the tournament (Will be displayed in the lobby) Password for tournament Structure type (Fast, Medium, Slow) Game type to choose from (NLH, PLO, or PLO8)

How do I join a tournament?

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Below you will find the steps to join a Tournament: First, click on the Tourney tab in the lobby. Next, browse the list of events and double click on a tournament that is either listed as "registering" or "in late registration".   Finally, click the red Register button to join the tournament. Don't forget to check the buy-in and ensure you have enough money to cover the cost.

What are Cyclones?

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Cyclones are Blitz Poker satellites that let you advance through 9 levels to win a tournament ticket to a large poker event, mainly the Venom. They’re like regular satellites, except you don’t have to make a final table or win the tournament to get that ticket. No matter which level you buy into, you’ll advance to the next one simply by earning 5,000 chips. And you can win more than once with one buy-in. If you finish a Cyclone level with more than 5,000 chips, you’ll move to the next level AND get seated again at the same level with those excess chips. Cyclones also include a For The Win feature. If you really want that ticket but you just don’t have the patience to level up, you can hit the For The Win button and pay the difference.

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