How do I report a bot?

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If you have concerns about a specific player, please complete our Security Form and our team will investigate. Please note that it generally takes between 24 to 72 hours to get a resolution after we open a case, but our investigation may be extended in some circumstances.

How can I report an abusive player?

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You can report abusive behavior, which includes swearing, racism, sexism and harassment, by emailing support at Please include your email, username of the abusive player, a screenshot of the chat, and any other info that could help us look into this matter. You can also report game misconduct through our security form here.

How do I report bots?

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Just provide us with these details and we’ll investigate, email support at Your email: Nickname of suspicious player: Reason for your concern (suspected bot/collusion/game misconduct/other): Hand number: Any other comments that could help our investigation:

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