What is Play It Safe?

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Play It Safe is an exciting feature that lowers your variance when playing in cash games. It allows you to purchase the equity in your hand without playing it to its conclusion when you go all-in any time before the River. Learn more about Play It Safe here.

How does staking work?

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Our staking feature lets you pay a portion of another player's tournament buy-in, making it easy to get into the action without playing a single hand of poker. With staking, everyone has the potential for a huge score without investing time and energy playing in big multi-table tournaments. To take advantage of Tournament Staking, just click on the Staking button in the lobby. Learn more about staking here.

How do I allow (or not allow) the Run it Twice feature?

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If you want to enable the Run it Twice feature at all tables when it’s available, simply follow these steps: Go to the poker client Click “Settings” Click “Run it Twice” Check the box “Always Run it Twice” Alternatively, if you want Run it Twice to always be disabled, check the box “Never Run it Twice”. If neither box is checked, the option to Run it Twice will pop up at an individual table when applicable. Click “Yes” if you want to or “No” (or wait 5 seconds) if you don’t.  More info on Run it Twice here.

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