Grading timeframes (Sportsbook)

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With major US sports (NLF/NCAA Football, MLB, NBA/NCAA Basketball and NHL) this is almost always the case and usually, you should not have to wait more than one to two minutes for your bets to be graded. With other sports such as Soccer, Tennis, Boxing and Golf, grading can take up to 10-15 minutes. In some cases it may take over 15 minutes; normally this only occurs with sports that receive less action from bettors, for example, darts or cycling.

Timeframe for claims (Sportsbook)

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All claims must be reported within 15 calendar days from the time the wager was settled. No claims will be honored after this fifteen-day period. To be sure there are no errors, it is highly recommended to review all wagers carefully, as follows: Check your bets prior to confirming them on the Bet Slip online. Confirm they have been entered correctly just after they are placed. When the bets settle, review that the outcomes and payouts are correct.

How long do I have to wait after my deposit before I can withdraw?

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You need to wait at least 72 hours before requesting a payout. Our Security Department reviews all payouts and your account also needs to be certified before cashing out. In addition, your account must generate a minimum rake before the system will allow you to cash out. This applies to player-to-player transfers as well.

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