Why hasn’t my eWallet deposit been credited to my poker account?

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If the funds from your eWallet have been deducted and you don’t see the amount reflected in your poker balance then you’ll need to contact us.  Please email support@winningpokernetwork.com from the address that’s registered on your account. Be sure to include a description of your issue, your player nickname, the site you are playing on, and a screenshot of the transaction as it appears in your eWallet.

Why is my crypto deposit taking so long?

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For a crypto deposit to be processed, it must first be verified by miners. This can take some time depending on demand. If you are using Bitcoin, you can visit Blockchain.com to see how many miners have confirmed your transactions. We require seven confirmations before processing a bitcoin transaction. If you have any other issues please contact support@winningpokernetwork.com from your registered email address.

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