Are there any bonuses available?

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We usually offer reload bonuses before a tournament series or Venom Tournament. Please check our Promotions page to see what’s available right now, link here. Once you reload your account using a reload promo code, you can view and redeem it from the Rewards section at the top of the client: Go to ‘Rewards’ Then click ‘Bonuses’ These bonuses are typically paid out in increments of $5 for every 120 Award Points you rack up playing real money poker. For example: With a 50% reload bonus, if you deposit $100 into your account, you’ll get a $50 bonus. And every time you earn 120 Award Points, you can swap out $5 in bonus for real cash.

How can I see my available bonuses?

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It’s easy to see your available bonuses and take advantage of them. First, log in to the poker software Click 'Rewards' at the very top of the screen Next, click the 'Bonuses' button At the top, you’ll see three options: All Bonuses, Bonus History, and Tutorial. You can see your bonuses as a list or as cards by choosing from List View or Card View. As you view your bonuses, you can use the checkbox to enable or disable a bonus. Under the Promotion column, you’ll see the promotion associated with the bonus. Next to that is the Action column, which shows your progress. Under Details, you’ll see the release rate and expiry date for the bonus. Points Accumulated shows you the number of bonus points you’ve accumulated to date. Finally the Bonus percentage tab shows you the  amount that has been released. If you need more info at any time, click the little information icon. Ready to redeem a bonus? Click the green Redeem button. If the button is gray, that means it’s not yet ready to redeem, so keep playing!

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