We’re very sorry to hear about this incident. We are suspending your account as a security measure while we conduct our proper investigation.

Are you willing to give us information to help us solve this issue more quickly and easily?


Thank you. Please provide the following information:

We’re very sorry to hear about this incident. Please email us from your registered email address to support@winningpokernetwork.com with the answer to the following questions:

A) When was the last time you accessed your account?

B) What was the balance of your account the last time you accessed it?

C) Do you use VPNs or Proxy connections to access our site?

D) Have you used public hot spots to access your Poker account?

E) Have you received any suspicious emails recently?

F) Does anyone else at your location have access to your computer?

G) What games do you normally play at Americas Cardroom?

After player provides info

We appreciate you filling out this information. The security and integrity of our site is of
upmost importance to us. Once we’ve reviewed the details provided and your account information, we will contact you with the details.

Please note that investigations typically take around 24 hours to be completed. We
appreciate your patience regarding this matter.


No problem. However, the information we are requesting is key and will help us determine, among other things; a timeline for the incident, if funds were compromised and a possible cause. We will still investigate this issue, but please be aware that without the information, the process could take more than the traditional 24-hour period. We will contact you soon with our findings.