What do tournament filters do?

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Tournament filters can help you find exactly what you're looking for without having to scroll through hundreds of events. To take advantage of this feature click on the Tourney tab in the lobby.  You'll notice that the tab changes from blue to red. When this tab is enabled, you'll be able to browse current, upcoming, and completed tournaments.

What is Auto Top-Up and how do I enable it?

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With Auto Top-Up, your chips will be automatically replenished to your default, pre-set stack size when you lose in a cash game. This is if you have cash in your account. To enable Auto Top-Up: Click the Table Options icon in the top right corner of a cash game table. Look for Playing Tools: Buy-in and Top-Up. Check Top-up: Main Amount and make your selections. Click Apply to save the changes.

What is spin to get in?

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Spin To Get In is part satellite and part slot machine. More importantly, it lets you win an entry into big tournaments and Sit & Go's for as little as a cent. Want to try your luck? Just choose your wager amount (1¢, 25¢, or $1) and spin the slot. If you land three of a kind, you'll win your seat. For more info, including the odds of winning, check out our features page here.  

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