What games do you offer?

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We offer the following game formats: Omaha Pot Limit Omaha Sit & Go’s Blitz Satellites (Cyclones) Texas Hold’em  Tournaments Jackpot Poker In addition to poker, we also have 3 casinos and a Sportsbook within the poker client.

What happened to Americas Cardroom freerolls?

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Our freerolls are now available exclusively on demand. With on demand freeroll, you don't have to worry about scheduled start times. Instead, our on demand freerolls start as soon as 270 players have registered. To get started click on the 'Freeroll' tab in the tournament section of the lobby. You'll find a new on demand freeroll available as soon as late registration in the previous on demand freeroll ends. To learn more, visit our page.  

What is a knockout tournament?

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Knockout Tournaments work the same as regular tournaments, except there’s a twist. Each player who enters has a bounty placed on his or her head. Every time you knock a player out, you get his or her bounty. That means even if you bubble the tourney, you can make a lot of money by taking down players. Look for Knockout Tournaments under the Scheduled Tournaments tab.

What is a Sit & Go?

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If you feel like jumping into a tournament but you don’t want to wait for a scheduled one, a Sit & Go tournament is your best bet. They’re great because they start as soon as the required number of players have registered, and you don’t need to sit through hours of play like you would in a multi-table tournament. Just like regular multi-table tourneys, blinds increase during play and the tournament plays down to an eventual winner. You can get into a Sit & Go from as little as $0.50 and you’ll find all your favorite formats, including Hold’em, PLO, and more.

What is Blitz Poker and do you offer it? 

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Blitz Poker is fast-paced action that allows you to see twice as many hands as conventional ring game tables. This is because it automatically takes you to another table with a new set of players the second you fold your hand.   To get the full lowdown on how Blitz Poker works, check out our promo page here.

What is an MTT?

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MTT stands for Multi-Table Tournament.  An MTT is a poker tournament with players filling multiple tables, as opposed to a single table tournament or sit and go, which both use a single table. In an MTT, tables are consolidated as players get eliminated.  

What’s a PKO?

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PKO stands for Progressive Knockout Tournament, which is basically a bounty tournament on steroids. In regular bounty tournaments, each player has a bounty on their head. Knock out that player and you get 100% of that bounty. But in PKO’s, you get 50% of the bounty of the player you knock out and the other 50% goes on your head. That means as more players get knocked out, the bounties on the remaining players have the potential to grow to huge amounts. If you want to play in a Progressive Knockout Tournament, just look for PKO in the tourney description. You can also look for the bulls-eye symbol to find it quickly.

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