How do 7 Day No Rathole tables work?

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Here's how they work: 7-Day No Rathole tables are available at stakes of $0.10/$0.25, $1/$2, $5/$10, and $50/$100. You can buy-in for just 10 big blinds and you’re free to leave at any time. The catch is that you can only return in the same week by buying in with the same amount you left with. Learn more about 7-Day No Rathole Tables here.

What is an on demand tournament?

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On Demand Tournaments bring you the excitement of multi-table tournaments with the convenience of a sit & go. Just like a sit & go, an On Demand Tournament has no set start time. Instead, play begins when the minimum number of required entrants to start the tournament is met. Even after play starts, other players are allowed to join the tournament during a designated re-entry period. Learn more about On Demand Tournaments here.

What is a flight tournament?

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Multi-flight tournaments are phased poker tourneys with more than one entry day. Each entry day plays up to the same point and all remaining players qualify for the final phase. The final phase is comprised of players from all the entry days.

What are satellites?

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In poker, a satellite tournament is a qualifying event. Winners of these satellites often win the buy-in fee to a larger, more prestigious tournament like The Venom. Yet technically, any tournament that awards tickets to a large tournament would be a satellite. Satellites are also available for Live Events such a Punta del Este or The Cage Live. You can find satellites in the poker client by clicking on the ''Tournaments'' Tab and then clicking on ''Satellites''.

How can I register for a poker tournament?

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1. Go to the poker lobby and click on the Tourney Tab. 2. Next, browse the list of events and double-click on a tournament that is either listed as registering or in late registration. 3. Finally, click the red Register button to join the tournament. Don't forget to check the buy-in and ensure you have enough money to cover the cost.

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