How do I allow (or not allow) the Run it Twice feature?

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If you want to enable the Run it Twice feature at all tables when it’s available, simply follow these steps: Go to the poker client Click “Settings” Click “Run it Twice” Check the box “Always Run it Twice” Alternatively, if you want Run it Twice to always be disabled, check the box “Never Run it Twice”. If neither box is checked, the option to Run it Twice will pop up at an individual table when applicable. Click “Yes” if you want to or “No” (or wait 5 seconds) if you don’t.  More info on Run it Twice here.

Can I play on my Chromebook?

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Chromebook users can access all our mobile gaming options. That means you can visit our three casinos and sportsbook or play Jackpot Poker.  Our full range of tournaments and cash games are only available on Macs and PCs at this time.

Can I play using my mobile device?

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While our full range of tournaments and cash games are only available on Macs and PCs at this time, you can play Blitz Poker, Jackpot Poker, and Cyclone on your mobile. Our mobile platform also features sports betting, slot machines, table games, and live dealer blackjack. To access our mobile games just visit from your smartphone or tablet. Americas Cardroom here Black Chip Poker here True Poker here Ya Poker here  

Do Venom tickets expire?

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Venom tickets expire after one year. If you want to exchange your Venom ticket with another player on the Winning Poker Network, please send an email to and have the other player do the same. The email should include each player’s table name.  Please note that only Venom tickets valued at $2500+150 can be exchanged. 

Where can I find my Beast ticket?

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To see if you won a Beast ticket, simply go to the Poker Client Click on ‘leaderboard’ under the Beast section. Tickets are credited into accounts by the end of every Monday. Find yours by going to "My Account" at the top of the client and then choose ''Ticket Manager''.  

Can I create my own Avatar? 

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Right now, you’re welcome to choose from the large variety of avatars available. And starting in 2021, we will be running several promotions where the winner will receive their very own avatar.  In addition, all Venom winners will be able to get their own Avatar as well.

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