Time Management Rule

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Our regular time bank last 90 seconds. This is designed to protect players in the case of internet disconnections. In tournaments, your time bank can only be used once (once the time runs out, you can’t replenish it). However, in multi-table tournaments, all players at the final table will have their time bank replenished. At cash tables, an additional second will be added to your time bank for every 10 hands you play. Please be aware that abusing the time bank feature might be considered stalling. Deliberating delaying the action in a game to gain an advantage over your opponents may violate our terms of service.

What are progressive payouts?

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Progressive Pay-outs operate like an automated teller machine (ATM) once a tournament reaches the in the money (ITM) stage. With progressive pay-outs players will receive cash in their poker account as soon as the bubble bursts. Then they'll continue to get additional cash with each and every pay jump. With ITM ATM functionality, your award money from tournaments is available immediately. That means you can put your winnings to use as soon as possible.

Where can I find the hand replayer?

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It’s easy to see a play back of your hands. Open the software, and click Game Info in the top navigation bar. Then, click View Hand History. In the window that pops up, select the hand you want to replay. You can also narrow your search by time period, or ask to see your hands only.

How to customize Hotkeys

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You can enable and customize your hotkeys by clicking on the Settings menu. You’ll find the Hotkeys option beneath Playing Tools. To ensure your Hotkeys are active, make sure the Use Hotkey slider is set to on. Learn more about customizing hotkeys here.

What is Play It Safe?

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Play It Safe is an exciting feature that lowers your variance when playing in cash games. It allows you to purchase the equity in your hand without playing it to its conclusion when you go all-in any time before the River. Learn more about Play It Safe here.

How does the waiting list work?

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If there are no seats at a table, you can join a waiting list and you'll be seated when a seat becomes available. To join a cash table waiting list, select the table and click on the Join Waiting List button, located on the right side of the lobby. A pop-up window will appear and you can choose to either wait for a seat at the table you have selected or get a seat at the first available table with the same stakes and game type. Once a seat becomes available, a new window will pop up and you can to take your seat.

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