Minimum Deposit changed from $25 for $48

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The minimum deposit is set by our payment providers, not us. We’re usually able to offer new players a minimum deposit of $25 to test the site, but the recent change by our provider won’t allow for that. The good news is that as you build a positive financial reputation with us, your minimum won’t change and you’ll be granted the ability to make more deposits per day, week, and month at higher amounts. If you’re looking for a payment method that offers a lower deposit amount, consider Bitcoin, which lets you deposit as little as $10.

How do Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin fees work?

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There is a miner’s fee associated with crypto deposits, but it’s usually very inexpensive and just a fraction of what you’d pay using other payment options like international bank transfers. You do need to add the fee on top of the amount that you want your recipient to receive. The fee usually varies based on the number of pending transactions at the time (the more transactions, the higher the fee).

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