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When do I get paid my winnings for The Beast?

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The Beast leaderboard runs weekly from Saturday at 12:00am ET to Friday at 11:59pm ET. You can expect your cash prize to be awarded on early Saturday morning. Ticket winners are awarded during the week, usually on Wednesday To view your standing on the leaderboard, click on the link in the poker client. It's located beneath the current Beast jackpot counter at the top right corner. The leaderboard will pop up in a new browser window. You can search for yourself by nickname or browse all the winners. Don't forget to click the previous results link to see past standings. If you do not receive your cash by midday ET on Saturday, then contact customer service at support@winningpokernetwork.com and they'll gladly look into this matter.

How do I allow (or not allow) the Run it Twice feature?

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If you want to enable the Run it Twice feature at all tables when it’s available, simply follow these steps: Go to the poker client Click “Settings” Click “Run it Twice” Check the box “Always Run it Twice” Alternatively, if you want Run it Twice to always be disabled, check the box “Never Run it Twice”. If neither box is checked, the option to Run it Twice will pop up at an individual table when applicable. Click “Yes” if you want to or “No” (or wait 5 seconds) if you don’t.  More info on Run it Twice here.

Why am I having disconnection issues?

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If you are having disconnection issues, please follow these troubleshooting steps: Please contact your Internet Service Provider or cable company and check your internet speed, plus  specifically ask them for packet lost issues. If that doesn’t work, try adding an Ethernet cord to connect directly from your router to your desktop/laptop. Finally, if you’re still having problems, update all network drivers on your computer. If the issue persists, please send a screenshot and all relevant details such as screen name, TID #, hand ID # , table #, and date/time by email to support@winningpokernetwork.com so we can further investigate.

Can I make a withdrawal if I haven’t deposited yet?

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Yes, you can request a withdrawal of your winnings even if you haven't deposited yet. To see the withdrawal methods available to you, please follow these steps: Go to the poker client Click on “My Account” Click on “Withdraw” If you still have questions after that, or need any assistance, please email support@winningpokernetwork.com  and they will quickly get back to you.

I’d like to switch to Rakeback. How do I do that?

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By default, every account is enrolled in the Elite Benefits Program. If you want to switch to Rakeback, simply send an email to support@americascardroom.eu. The process takes up to 72 hours to be completed. Once you’ve successfully switched to Rakeback, it will be reflected under Rewards in the poker client. Please note that although you can go back to the Elite Benefits Program after switching to Rakeback, this will be the last change allowed. Also, when changing programs, all points and credits earned will start from scratch. That’s why we highly recommend you redeem your points before requesting a program change.

Why is my third-party tool (HUD) not working after the software update?

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Our recent update disabled several third-party tools that were previously compatible with our software. If you have difficulty opening the poker client, please close all third-party tools and restart the poker client. Please note that third-party tool providers (whose software does not violate our terms and conditions) are responsible for updating their software so it is compatible with the poker client. To avoid any more issues, you should refrain from using such tools until the provider releases an update.

How do I report a bot?

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If you have concerns about a specific player, please complete our Security Form and our team will investigate. Please note that it generally takes between 24 to 72 hours to get a resolution after we open a case, but our investigation may be extended in some circumstances.

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